Portfolio by Danielle Travers


A little about Me

Contemporary society vilifies women for a great number of reasons; for being pretty, for being ugly, for having cleavage, for not showing any skin, for having sex and for being a virgin. Our society is a reflection of us as people, therefore it is evidenced that today’s society is full of sexism.

Our western society, as it is today, was influenced by the Greek and Roman civilization. These civilizations have been held up as the pinnacle of western living, yet within these ancient cultures women were less than dirt on the sole of a shoe. In these founding countries, women were not allowed to own property or livestock, were not allowed to make their own decisions about whom to marry and were often raped as a method of revenge to their male relatives or simply because they could be. This is verified in Greek and Roman mythology, where the gods rape mortal women, nature spirits and even their own goddesses.

My art looks at six women who were mistreated or raped in Greek mythology, representing each woman with an item that relates to them.